Top 10 Best Beer in India 2022

Friends, there is no dearth of beer drinkers in India. Beer is a soft alcoholic drink. Nowadays, there is a lot of craze for drinking beer among girls in India. Beer bottles are automatically opened in youth at any time, wherever, any party. Nowadays famous rap singers of India do not forget to use words like liquor and beer in every song.

Top 10 Best Beer in India 2022

So today we will talk about such top 10 brands of beer. Which will be very helpful to you in beer selection. Which is included in our first top ten list. He is:-

Kingfisher Beer: United Breweries Group produces Kingfisher Beer. It is a well-known name in India and it is the most easily available brand for you.

When you drink it in the beginning, its taste is bitter but when you drink it, you will start enjoying it. The sour sweetness of King Fisher is the most special and due to its fresh taste, Kingfisher is the most liked among beer connoisseurs. If someone tastes beer for the first time, he also demands Kingfisher. If you eat peanuts with beer, then it has different fun.

Kingfisher Variants :

  • 1- Kingfisher Strong (8% alcohol),
    2- Kingfisher Premium (4.8% alcohol),
    3- Kingfisher Blue (8% alcohol),
    4- Kingfisher Ultra (5% alcohol)

Tuborg Beer / If you are not used to drinking hard drinks, then you can substitute Tuborg for soft beer. It contains only 4.8% percent alcohol. Be it any occasion of the party, you can add Tuborg to your drink list. If you talk about snacks with it, then you can take salad, and something spicy. It is the number one brand at the international level, but when it comes to India, it comes at number two.

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Tuborg beer variants :

  • 1- Tuborg Strong,
    2- Tuborg Green,
    3- Tuborg Classic with Scotch Malls

Carlsberg Beer : The name of the beer which is on the third rank sold in India with light taste is

Carlsberg Beer : Carlsberg teamed up with Tuborg in 1970. After which it became a part of Tuborg. There is a slight bitterness in its test. Yeke is the world’s tastiest and best beer.

Beer Budweiser : Made with sweet rice and hops, this Budweiser beer is one of the best-selling beer brands in India. Since it is made from sweet rice, you will love the taste of it.

Heineken Beer : The beer that comes in the list of Most Wanted in India is Heineken Beer. It has a strong taste that sets it apart from the rest of the beer. Heineken, the world’s most international beer brand, comes straight to you from Holland.

Corona Beer : A mix of fruits, honey and molts with a sweetness to the test, this beer is for those who cannot stand the bitter taste of beer. This beer was made in Mexico in 1925, seeing the increasing demand, this beer is in demand all over the world. If you talk about its rate, then normally you get it for Rs 250, but if you buy it in a bar, then its price increases up to Rs 500-600.

Corona Beer Variants :

  • 1- Corona Extra (3.6% alcohol),
    2- Corona Light

Bira 91 Beer: Given the increasing demand for beer in India, this Bira 91 has created panic in the market. It has come as tough competition for the rest of the beer brands. Mainly keeping in mind the choice of Indians, this beer has been launched in the market. Talking about its test

Mild taste comes through with spicy citrus and bitterness.

Bira 91 Variants :

  • 1- Beera Blonde (5% alcohol),
    2- Bira White Ale (5% alcohol),
    3- Beera Lite (4% alcohol),
    4- Bira Pale Ale (7% alcohol),
    5- Bira Strong Ale (7% alcohol with spicy flavor)

Headwords 5000 Beer /: The brand that has included the best-selling beer in India is Headwords 5000. It sells more than 10 million cans and bottles in a year in India. This beer is brewed with high-quality malts and is known for its smoothness and strong flavor. It has an alcohol percentage of more than 7%.

Royal Challengers Beer /: Royal Challengers’ tagline, ‘Brewed Stronger Brewed Better’ clearly means that their beer is brewed in a longer time than others, giving it a distinctive flavor. Royal Challenge is quite famous among the people of North India. Mostly it is liked in Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh. The crisp and tasty taste of this light beer is the most special. Royal Challenge is best for those who want better taste.

so friends! Today we told you about the top ten beer brands in India, so we hope that you must have liked our information. If you are also one of the lovers of drinking beer, then select any one beer and get ready to celebrate the party.

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